Our Purpose

The Trusts’ mission: Bridging Science, People and the Environment, reflects our philosophy that respectful, informed and meaningful collaboration is the key to responsible and sustainable water management, now and in the future.

The purpose of the Peter Cullen Trust is to carry on the legacy of the late Professor Peter Cullen AO by:

  • Strengthening the understanding between science, policy and stakeholders in water-system management,
  • Spotting new talent and supporting early career researchers and people 'who can speak for the rivers’ with clarity and credibility,
  • Promoting informed exchange and debate on important water-management issues,
  • Building capacity in science and policy for water management,
  • Building links between the scientific and political communities in order to promote effective management of our river systems.

What the Trust does

The Trust runs leadership training programs for emerging leaders in the water & environment sector in Australia.

On successfully completing a leadership program, the participants are awarded Fellowships of the Peter Cullen Trust. 

The Trust is apolitical and independent of all government and non-government agencies. Funding received does not dictate the decisions of the Trust.


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