Bridging no 22 June-July 2017

03-Jul-2017 - 03-Jul-2017

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In this edition:

  • ·  Science-to-Policy Leadership Program participants 2017
  • ·  A word from the Trust's CEO, Tom Mollenkopf
  • ·  News from and about Fellows & Friends: NSW Fellows meet; Regional Fellows catch-up?; New role, new city; Thursday 27 July ‘After 5’ event; New arrival; Waste in water; Traditional Owners in VIC Biodiversity Plan; Climate change impacts on infrastructure – submission; Climate change adaptation papers; Contamination report & ‘fingerprinting’ chicken waste; Australian Water Partnership news; New board role; Yarra River recognition; New consultancy; Water ownership change; Carp risks; ASL; Submissions to National Water Reform review; Victorian ‘intimate lunch’; ‘After 5’ in Melbourne; What events to run?; PhD scholarships in groundwater; Emerging River Professional award.
  • ·    ArticleBuilding research partnerships for sustainable & innovative Indigenous communities…, by Anne Poelina.
  • ·    ArticleTrust Fellows sharing experience through Twinning Program, from Glenelg Hopkins CMA.
  • ·  Acknowledgement of sponsors of the Trust’s programs in 2016.
  • ·  Trust people in this edition of BRIDGING 
  • (their names are in bold font in the text).
  • Bridging no 22 June-July 2017

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