Peter Cullen's legacy centres on his extraordinary ability to transcend sectoral boundaries, communicate complex messages and bring influential decision-makers together.

The Peter Cullen Trust has taken up his mantle in mentoring early career researchers and broadening their awareness of the crucial linkages between science and policy.

The Trust's legacy will evolve and be enduring as its fellows become future leaders, who like Peter will lead public debate and inform sound water management decisions.
Hon Karlene Maywald

The Trust works with Fellows in a variety of ways such as offering a Mentoring Program and the Fellows Initiatives Program. Fellows also contribute to the ongoing work of the Trust.

Having graduated from our Leadership Programs, Fellows are well placed to play leading roles in promoting water stewardship.

The following 36 Peter Cullen Trust Fellows have graduated in November from the two 2016 Leadership Programs: 

  • the inaugural Women in Water Leadership program; and 
  • the 7th annual Science-to-Policy Leadership program

There are now 
122 Fellows, linked across Australia in a network offering mutual support and ongoing professional development.  In the list below each person's training has been funded by the name in brackets, with co-funding from the Peter Cullen Trust. Asterisked Fellows were also co-funded by Victoria's Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning.  The Trust gratefully acknowledges the support of all sponsors, partners and donors. 

*Betsy Anderson (Barwon Water)
*Beth Ashworth (Victorian Environmental Water Holder)
Tony Baker (Wimmera CMA + Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning)
*Mary Bignell (GWM Water)
*Elisabetta Carrara (Australian Bureau of Meteorology)
*Emma Connell (Westernport Water)
*Natalie Dando (North East CMA)
Michelle Ezzy (Melbourne Water)
Nikki Gemmill (Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning)
*Sarah Grixti (East Gippsland Water)
Mark Hocking (RBC Blue Water Project)
*Elisa Hunter (City West Water)
Phillip Jordan (Hydrology and Risk Consulting)
Ailsa Kerswell (Professor John Langford AM)
*Kristen Knight (Yarra Valley Water)
Zara Lowien (Cotton Australia + Cotton Research & Development Corporation)
Lucy Lytton (Geoscience Australia)
*Carolyn Madden (South East Water)
*Anna May (Western Water)
*Joanne McBain (Wannon Water)
Tara McCormack (South East Water)
Andrew McDougall (Queensland Government)
*Elissa McNamara (Southern Rural Water)
*Lauren Mittiga (Melbourne Water)
Tim Napier (Cotton Australia + Cotton Research & Development Corporation)
Chris O'Neill (Hydronumerics)
*Anna Parker (North Central CMA)
Darren Perry (Murray-Darling Basin Authority)
Janet Pritchard (RBC Blue Water Project)
*Jo-Ann Riley (North East Water)
Stephen Roxburgh (CSIRO)
Neil Sims (CSIRO)
*Jenine Smith (Gippsland Water)
*Melissa Tylee (Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning)
*Lara Werbeloff (Monash Sustainable Development Institute)
Michael Wrathall (NSW Department of Primary Industries - Water)

Peter Cullen Trust Fellows listed in the alphabetical order of their Sponsor of Leadership Program (2010–2016 inclusive).

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