PCT Fellows Network

“I see these networks as something that will last for the next 30-40 years or longer and which could be pivotal in giving each of us the courage to pursue our dreams. If we all pursued our dreams, we would change the world”.
Fellow of the Peter Cullen Trust

Successful participants of the Science to Policy Leadership Programs graduate to become Fellows of the Peter Cullen Trust and members of the PCT National Fellows Network. Fellows take part in state/territory and national networking, social gatherings and events, mentoring, collaborations, joint publishing (link) and fellows initiatives.

Mentoring Program

My PCT mentor...his breadth and depth of experience has been wonderful”
Margaret Ayre, Fellow of the PCT

Many of the Friends of the Trust choose to share their expertise with a PCT Fellow through our mentoring program. This program is administered by the mentoring program manager and is overseen in line with the Trust’s mentoring guidelines. These aim to ensure effective matching of Fellows and Mentors, careful use of the time of Friends of the Trust, focussed discussions and clear outcomes.

Fellows’ Initiatives Program

This funds small projects ($2,000 - $5,000) where Fellows of the Peter Cullen Trust work together to achieve an outcome related to the goals of the Trust and the PCT National Fellows Network.

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