Benefits of Sponsoring

Capability development

The Peter Cullen Trust’s unique Science to Policy Leadership Program focuses on leadership and communication skills specifically geared towards bringing about positive change in water and catchment management in Australia.

Sponsoring a program participant means having a member of your own organisation trained and granted a Fellowship on successful completion of the program.

This will benefit your organisation because, as these key staff members enhance their skills, they will share what they have learnt and build relationships across the water/environment sector.

As a sponsoring employer, you can put forward potential participants from your teams, building organisational capacity by developing key people in key positions.

Capacity-building benefits to the sponsored Fellow after the program are the same as to all Fellows:

  • Professional development
  • Mentoring by Friends of the Peter Cullen Trust who are Australian leaders
  • Opportunities to publish
  • Opportunities to apply for small collaborative project funding through the Trust
  • Opportunities to speak at conferences
  • Networking opportunities at events with guest speakers

“I have been on quite a few leadership courses during my career and I must say that the Science to Policy Leadership course is unique … (it has) taught me more about myself than all the other courses combined … it also challenged me to think about different styles of leadership and how I could lead more effectively.

I found it to be both challenging and rewarding. The program content is excellent with an array of speakers to stimulate the mind that would be the equal of any.”

Greg Raisin, MDBA sponsored Fellow of the Peter Cullen Trust


The Trust co-brands Fellowships with sponsors. A number of well-known corporations, government departments and community organisations have co-branded in this way with the Peter Cullen Water & Environment Trust. 

Sponsorship is acknowledged in publicity about the Trust (newsletters and media). The Trust’s materials/publications that are distributed at conferences acknowledge sponsors, as do all emails. Publications include the newsletter BRIDGING, the annual report and website, fliers and handouts.

Raising sponsors’ profiles with senior water leaders

Sponsorships are prominently acknowledged at the Fellows’ graduation events, which are attended by water industry leaders in business, government and education. One ticket to these prestigious annual events and their networking opportunities is complementary for a sponsor of a participant who is graduating.

Sponsors are listed on our website and are welcome to produce articles relating to their work in the water or environmental space which may be published in BRIDGING, the Peter Cullen Trust’s newsletter.

Ongoing professional development

Our Fellows receive ongoing mentoring from Friends when requested. Mentoring is offered. It is up to the Fellows themselves to follow this up. 

Other opportunities for professional development are also offered each year.

Individual Fellows can approach the Trust on an ad hoc basis to request assistance from Friends of the Trust in developing a specific set of skills. Where possible, the Trust facilitates this individual skill development.

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